Social Events– Receptions – Parties

Getting in touch with your wishes…

Our unique programmes for your events, perfectly organized in every detail with our special care and creativity, combined with the beautiful setting make for the secrete recipe of success. Here you can have an unforgettable celebration for your wedding or the baptising of your child or you can give a flamboyant reception.

Rely on our culinary department to fascinate your guests by covering your personal preferences with imagination and attention to detail. With really inspired tastes and culinary creations from the traditional and modern cuisine – with extra-fresh ingredients and carefully selected best-quality products – we will certainly exceed your expectations….!!!

An additional 2,000 sq.m. of outdoor spaces can be utilized for any social and cultural event. Especially for the summer months, the unique «GRAND BALCON» multipurpose facility reminiscent of a floating palace has been created next to the breaking waves, with a capacity exceeding 600 guests.

At an enchanting location with the moonlight and the city-lights of Kalamata as the backdrop, it offers a harmonious setting for enjoying special meals and desserts, capable to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Rely on our expert team to impress your guests with menus made of extra-fresh ingredients.

The majestic style of this facility with sea as the natural boundary and its direct proximity to the bright «COSTA – COSTA bar on the beach» give an even more enchanting note to the atmosphere.

This unique «balcony» overlooking the sea is the ideal setting for the most diverse summer social events – wedding and baptising receptions, parties and other events – in a special atmosphere with an air of…«SUCCESS»!!!

Every moment of joy, of smaller or larger importance, is worth a unique celebration, in a really bright and elegant space.

The multipurpose «ELEA» facility features spacious and bright halls emanating an air of aristocracy, officiality and high aesthetics. The halls can be arranged according to your needs and the number of guests.

Another choice with prestige and high aesthetics for summer events is the well-known space of «ANASSA» in the heart of the complex by the large pool, with a capacity of over 300 guests. A unique space, in two levels with great natural beauty, literally flooded with greenery, well-cared lawns, colourful flowers, exotic coconut trees and stone walls, which for a decade has hosted a plethora of dream-events which stay in the memories of the participants…!!!

By adding to the above our attention to detail and creative imagination, harmonically coupled with unequalled quality and original tastes, you have the most effective and successful recipe for the best way to complete your happy moments.