The city of Kalamata


Built on the eastern foothills of Taygetos Mountain, the city of Kalamata was able to preserve the beauty of its aristocratic past, an evidence of which is the historical centre and the beautiful neoclassical buildings. The old city has been built on the ruins of the ancient city Farre. In Kalamata, on the 23rd of March, 1821 the Greek revolution against the Turkish occupation started, and this was the first Greek town to have a free government.

Kalamata is both the capital and the main harbour of the prefecture of Messinia. It is also served by the local airport, for an easier access by tourists. The city features modern hotels, restaurants, small bars, cafés and nightclubs. There are also theatres where many cultural events take place and several theatrical groups present their work, especially during the summer months. Kalamata can offer its guests many types of entertainment. There is also an intense activity around traditional culture, with many societies presenting shows with traditional Greek songs and dances. Kalamata is one of the most modern cities in Greece, from educational and artistic point of view, featuring large streets in a well-designed city-plan. Furthermore, its unique beaches are a pole of attraction for many tourists.



You should visit the Kalogreon nun-monastery, famous for the silk items woven by the nuns. Also, worth visiting are the church of Agii Apostoli, and the church of Ypapanti (dedicated to the Presentation of the Lord at the Temple) built between 1839 and 1879. The icon of Ypapanti is considered to work wonders for the believers. The church celebrates on February the 2nd, when many thousands of believers from all over Greece come to pay their respects. Next in the list of the sights are the Benakio Archaeological Museum and the Frankish castle of Geoffrey of Villehardouin, where the famous princess Isabella (Isabeau) lived.

Taking a walk from the historical centre to the seaside Navarinou Avenue and the harbour, the visitor will get easily accustomed to the easy pace of the life of this city. A passer-by will surely decide to stay for a while. Several writers compare Kalamata and the surrounding area to the Promised Land. This may be an exaggeration, but Kalamata surely is one of the most beautiful and most lively Greek cities!!!

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