COVID-19 Product Announcement

Dear Visitors,

As always, AKTI TAYGETOS CONFERENCE RESORT sets as a primary objective the safety of its Guests and Staff, for this reason it adapts its operation considering the new Safety standards & Health protocols that have been made public by the Greek Government about COVID-19.
Driven by their sense of responsibility, the hotel, the management and the staff stand ready, equipped and trained according to the health protocols and are waiting for you to stay safe at AKTI TAYGETOS CONFERENCE RESORT.
For your best possible stay, we adapted our services to the new data:

It is required to avoid overcrowding during Check-in – Check-out, to keep distances & follow PPM (PERSONAL PROTECTIVE MEASURES)

Check-out time will be at 11am and Check-in time will be transferred at 3pm. This change is necessary in order to ensure that between different Clients the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and that there is sufficient natural ventilation of the space.

In the rooms you will find anti-septic wipes & bottled water upon your arrival. 

The expected distances between the tables are kept, there is a timetable with double seating if needed and traffic routes between buffet and tables.

The buffets for BREAKFAST will be maintained, because they are a distinctive feature of our product and are highly appreciated by our Guests who, at the buffet, will not be coming in contact with utensils or food, but the food they prefer will be served to them by our trained Staff upon request.

The other Meals or Dinners will be A LA CARTE or SET MENU

Children will be eating only with Parents.

The tables will be covered with disposable tablecloths and cutlery will be on the tables.

Cleaning and disinfection program based on the guidelines of NPHO (National Public Health Organization).

Special Guidelines for cleaning in the event of the appearance of a COVID-19 case based on the guidelines of NPHO.

Enhancement of hygiene services in all common areas and especially on “high risk” objects (e.g. handles, elevator buttons).

Thorough cleaning and very good ventilation of the room during the hours between the stays.

In the event that the potentially ill cannot be transferred to the hospital of Kalamata, they will stay in their room or a separate area will be created with strict distance and occupancy measures for the rooms and special cleaning will be carried out.

The reduction of the daily occupancy is included in the measures of AKTI TAYGETOS CONFERENCE RESORT.

The Hotel Staff is trained according to the HEALTH PROTOCOLS FOR THE OPERATION of the hotels & provisions have been made for keeping safety distances, using protective equipment and following PPM (PERSONAL PROTECTIVE MEASURES).

The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of our pool & hydromassage areas will be increased and disinfectant products suitable for the current situation will be used for the water.

In order to face COVID-19, the Hotel reserves the right to ask the Visitors for additional documents accrediting their identity, their travel plan or other relevant information.

Safety measures must be followed by Employees and Guests.

Hands’ disinfection will be mandatory.

Temperature control will be even stricter for staff & guests.

The Management of Akti Taygetos Conference Resort is committed to the full adoption of the Greek health protocol for the operation of the hotels.