Mikra Mantinia

“AKTI TAYGETOS – CONFERENCE RESORT” is a unique choice of accommodation to explore the incredible beauties of the southern Peloponnese. Holding a privileged position right at the innermost of the Messinian Gulf and the shadow of the mysterious Taygetos, and as it is just a stone’s throw from the beautiful city of Kalamata, it can be your home for long or short escapes that will reveal all secrets of the enchanting Messinian land.

Mikra Mantinia

The location of “AKTI TAYGETOS – CONFERENCE RESORT”, Mikra Mantinia, is one of the most beautiful resorts in Greece, a true seaside jewel. It is one of the first settlements of Messinian Mani (Aposkieri or Exo Mani). It is located within close distance from Kalamata, just 11km south-west, and consists of the beautiful seaside settlement and the semi-mountainous settlement Old Village. It has been internationally recognized as a very popular tourist resort, because it combines a multitude of options with tavernas, cafes, bars, and breath-taking natural beauty, with emerald waters depicting all shades of the green landscape. It’s a very picturesque place that ensures great pictures and experiences for the traveller all year round.

Sights of Mikra Mantinia


Kapetanakis Tower

An impressive 18th-century tower that stands until today and challenges the visitor to experience the history of the place, in the amazing location Palioi Myloi, of great natural beauty. It is a square four-story tower house, 20m tall and 7m wide, that has been declared a historic monument of protected heritage. The locals call it also Panayotaros tower and it may be connected to the famous warrior Panagiotis Venetsanakis. It is located in the village Mikra Mantinia and promises to reveal forgotten memories and captivate you with its robust architecture.

The watermill on the river

A stunning green setting awaits you in the close vicinity of the facilities of “AKTI TAYGETOS – CONFERENCE RESORT”, the small beautiful river of the area, with lush vegetation and a picturesque old watermill. Get ready for beautiful natural getaways! Ensure that you have enough memory on your camera to capture the unique beauty of the local watermill.


The Wall of Verga and the Monument.


Holy church of Prophet Ilias in Mikra Mantinia in the old cemetery.


Holy Church of the Assumption in Paliochora, Avia.

It was built in 1775 on the ruins of the sanctuary of Hercules and the neighboring Asclepieion (ancient sanatorium) and celebrates on August 23.